Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detectors

What is Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detectors (SPRD`s)?

It is a new class of radiation equipment, which combines features of Personal Radiation Detector (PRD) and Radionuclide Identifier Device (RID).

SPRD – is a 2 in 1 instrument, which combines compact size and high sensitivity of PRD and ability to identify radionuclide isotopes (RID), moreover, instruments have reliable price.

Polimaster SPRD`s allow user to find radioactive source, identify radionuclide isotopes in a short time with no need in expensive equipment, extra time, engaged experts or special knowledge in radioactive identification. Using of Polimaster devices can prevent false detentions at checkpoints, allow first responders teams and customs/border control teams to make advanced evaluation of potential threat on the spot.


  • 2 in 1 device
  • Lightweight and compact size
  • Reliable price
  • Doesn`t need additional equipment, experts, special skills

Our devices are able to distinguish between 4 main categories of radionuclides: Naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM), Medical radionuclides (MED), Special Nuclear Materials SNM) and Industrial radionuclides (IND). All these materials are considered to be potentially dangerous to the general population. Library of isotopes can be changed on the request of our clients. One device can store several libraries, for users’ various needs.

One more helpful advantage of this class of instruments is their ability to be integrated into the network. That enables user to make real time data exchange with remote Command Center, as a result to make a qualified decision during primary screening of radioactive substances. Data exchange includes GPS location, dose rate, accumulated spectra, time, ambient temperature.

Highly-effective environmental radiation monitoring system - Nuclear Protection Network NPNET® 3.0 – is available to experts at Command Center. Through the NPNET, experts can obtain on-line information about dose rates, gamma scintillation spectra, detected and identified isotopes, instruments’ GPS locations, live mapping of the area and monitoring of the radiation levels for the whole monitored area.


It is a brand new series of pocket-size gamma and gamma-neutron spectroscopic personal radiation detectors that combine both radiation detector and dosimeter functions.

Compact instruments are able to detect and localize radiation sources, identify radionuclides and measure dose rate.

It is a brand new series of pocket-size gamma and gamma-neutron spectroscopic personal radiation detectors (SPRDs) that combine both radiation detector, radioisotope identifier and dosimeter capabilities.

PM1704A is successor of Polimaster signature Personal Radiation Detector (PRD) series PM1703 – the most successful PRD over the last 10 years.

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PM1401MB / GNB

Gamma and Gamma-neutron Personal Radiation Detectors recommended for use by first responders, security guards and police forces. Their shockproof case is specially designed for outdoor and harsh environment application.

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The family of Polimaster’s Gamma and Gamma-Neutron Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detectors (SPRDs) which utilize advanced search algorithms and can be used for detection and primary radionuclide identification of the radioactive sources even by the non-trained personnel.

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PM1703MO-1 A/B

The PM1703MO-1A and PM1703MO-1B instruments combine features of both SPRD and dosimeter in the one housing. Small-sized GM tube allows to measure dose and dose rate of the gamma radiation in the wide energy range while highly sensitive CsI(Tl) scintillation detector allows searching for radioactive and nuclear materials and primary radionuclide identification of the radioactive sources.

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